Business Integrity International is an investigative & security consulting firm with emphasis in business risk intelligence, financial investigations, security, investigation services and litigation support

15880 Summerlin Rd #300 PMB 117, Ft. Myers, Florida 33908
Phone: 646-258-9248 / 239-322-0218


Business Integrity International, LLC is a management-consulting firm that provides business strategy, security, and intelligence on a global basis. We have positioned ourselves as a firm that offers solutions to complex problems. We also have the expertise to investigate trade secret thefts as well as securing confidential business information with a view of having them turn into legally recognized trade secrets.

Global Investigations

Our experienced investigators understand how to work with corporate managers and counsel to discreetly and effectively gather information around the world.

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Inquires
  • Corporate and Individual Background Investigations

Consulting Services

We know how to protect vital business information as well as investigate its loss.

  • Trade Secret Information
  • Money Laundering activities
  • Economic Espionage Matters

Business Risk Intelligence

We can investigate as well as gather information on a global basis.

  • Domestic and international intelligence information
  • Business Fraud
  • Due Diligence
  • Recognize Organized Crime Infiltration

Litigation Support

We benefit from having multidisciplinary investigative and research experience and worldwide contacts.

  • Money laundering investigations
  • Asset tracing & recovery support
  • Background Investigations

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